Project Title:

Preservation and Development of Abel Iloko

Implementation Site:

Brgy. 5 Nalasin, Paoay, Ilocos Norte


The project aims to put up an organized mechanism to preserve the local crafts tradition and tap its economic viability by: 

1) ensuring the passing-on of knowledge through weaving courses for the next generation of weavers; 

2) supporting and introducing design innovations and product development to traditional weavers; 

3) developing a marketing plan for the various textile products; 

4) creating livelihood opportunities for local town folks 

5) making leadership and management training available to the target group to encourage cooperation among them that could, in the future, result in the setting-up a cooperative towards sustaining this projectís objectives.

Project Status:

On hold for re-evaluation.

abel iloko textile catalogues


1) the lack of funding agencies to support the project

2) the passing away of Aida Fernandez


1) compilation of textile samples 

2) exploration of new markets for the products