Who makes up MANLILIKHA?

Behind MANLILIKHA is a pool of individuals, from the public and private sectors, all dedicated to crafts development and equity-building for the local craftsperson.  They are:

MANUEL V. ICASIANO, public servant for almost 50 years; served in various government agencies, where he directly managed public assistance operations in the Office of the President, Office of the Executive Secretary, and legislative offices. 

BOBI VALENZUELA, t independent curator; worked in erstwhile prominent galleries, from where many artists rose into prominence; mentors young artists, inspiring them to practice art that would bring Filipinos to reckon with their cultural roots.

March 2, 1944 - December 12,  2008

NORMA A. RESPICIO, PhD, a scholar in Philippine traditional art, with a specialization in textile research; has written and read papers for international conferences on Asian textile traditions.

JOSE A. C. RIVERA, architect, builder; a serious professional who shares the cause of artisan promotion and crafts development.

CARMITA ELIZA J. ICASIANO, museum professional for eight years; a writer-researcher with a personal advocacy in the preservation of Philippine cultural heritage; conducted documentation and research in several crafts-making communities.


MICHAEL J. M. MUÑOZ, visual artist by training with years dedicated to people’s organizations; an experienced exhibition and graphic designer with a deep respect for local artisans’ skills and practice; carried out designing work for exhibitions on traditional crafts of Luzon, which exposed him to several crafts-making communities.


link: http://www.granumsinapis.com 

JOANNA PAULA TANADA lectures on the Humanities at Enderun Colleges. She holds a Master's Degree in Developmental Education from the University of Asia and the Pacific. She is also involved in designing supplementary educational courses in a Pasig-based student activity center. Her appreciation for MANLILIKHA's developmental goals led her to join the organization in 2008 where she managed the auction process at the 100 KATAO 100 TAKA exhibition.


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