MANLILIKHA Artisansí Support Network, Inc. is a cultural organization that seeks to uplift the status of the Filipino artisan and crafts through projects that promote the artisan and his or her works, create and explore new markets for crafts, and consequently, highlight the role of the artisan in preserving Philippine cultural heritage. 

MANLILIKHA envisions a crafts practice in the country, where traditional and contemporary artisans engage in vibrant crafts-making, each one enriching the otherís production through a sharing of traditional and innovative methods and aesthetic senses.  This vision extends to the exploration and creation of new markets for struggling traditional crafts, and looks towards improving the quality of life of the crafts workers and their families.   On the whole, MANLILIKHA looks forward to seeing a Philippine society strongly aware and appreciative of its crafts-making traditions, where artisans are regarded with respect and recognition, both for the economic and cultural contribution they make to the country.

MANLILIKHA's Logo shows the hands of the late master-weaver Aida Fernandez and apprentice Rodel Rico setting-up the warp on an Ilokano pedal-loom.