Catalina Guira started handling mud to make clay pots at age 13. Her mother was her teacher. Now 53, Catalina is one of the potters in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte that supplies the neighboring markets with maseterya (plant pots), malabi (water containers), and banga (cooking pots). Like other potters or damilian, Catalina takes pride in her craft as it puts food on the table and provides for her daily needs. She is concerned about the youth not willing to take it up because of the hard work it entails. But should somebody want to learn, she would be willing to teach. 

“Maipagmamalaki ko ito dahil hanapbuhay namin ito.”


Catalina Guira

ethnic group:



San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte



technology used:

Roulette, Anvil and Paddle


Banga (plant pot)

Maseterya (cooking pot)

Malabi/Caramba (water containers)